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Rays Arithmetic Curriculum
A Complete Math Series
Ray's Arithmetic

A Complete Math Curriculum - America's standard math text for more than half a century - Over 120 million copies sold


Now, for the first time in almost a century, the complete 20 volume set of Ray's Arithmetic , including many rare volumes not available elsewhere is once again available.  This complete series will take your student from Primary Arithmetic to Ray's Differential and Integral Calculus and beyond. 

This collection is available exclusively from this website at a cost of $59 for the whole set on CD, less than the cost of many text books.

This is your chance to give your child access to the standard math texts used by men like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Alexander Graham Bell.


"Starts from rules and principles and builds knowledge piece by piece. From the very first pages, Ray's Arithmetics incorporate story problems. Students must READ simple sentences which pose real life problems, and decide whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide. Ray's Arithmetics students learn arithmetic, increase their reading comprehension skills, and learn to think rather than plod through page after page of addition or subtraction problems with a one line direction at the top of each page. The child is carefully led through three growth states in arithmetic: 1) the manipulative stage, 2) the mental image stage, 3) the abstract stage."

Here, the original publishers describe this math curriculum:

No other work on Arithmetic ever had so extensive use or wide spread popularity. Teachers every-where, throughout the length and breadth of the land, are familiar with it's pages, and millions of pupils have gained their arithmetic knowledge from the study of it's principles.  More than ten thousand editions of it have gone forth from the press.

In view of these facts, it has been the constant aim in making this revision to preserve carefully those distinctive features of the former editions, which constitute the peculiar philosophical method of it's learned author, viz.:
1st. Every principle is clearly explained by an analysis or solution of simple examples, from which a Rule is derived.  This is followed by graduated exercises designed to render the pupil familiar with it's application.
2nd. The arrangement is strictly philosophical; no principle is anticipated; the pupil is never required to perform an operation until the principle on which it is founded has first been explained.

"My preference for Ray's Arithmetics and Algebras is the result of actual use in my own schools."

Hon. Newton Rateman, State Sup't Public Instruction. Illinois.

The changes made all fall naturally under two heads: (1) those which adapt the book better to the advanced methods of instruction; (2) those which exhibit present methods of computation in business.
In the first place, special attention is invited to the beauty and elegance of the typography.  The different matter of the volume, the definition, the solution, or the rule, is at once clearly indicated by a difference of type.  A running series of articles, with numbered paragraphs, enhances the convenience of the text-book for recitation and for reference.
The analytic solutions and written operations have been carefully separated.  All obsolete tables of weights and measures, such as Beer Measure and Cloth Measure, and all obsolete denominations, such as drams roods, etc., are discarded.  The Metric System of Weights and Measures is presented in accordance with it's now widely extended usage, and is presented in accordance with it's now widely extended usage, and is assigned it's proper place immediately after Decimals.
A few subjects, such as Factoring and the principles of Fractions, have been entirely rewritten, and in many cases the definitions and rules have been simplified.  The subject of Percentage has been  much expanded, and an endeavor has been made to systemize it's numerous applications; many novel and interesting features, both of subject-matter and classification, will be here met for the first time.   The subjects of Interest and Discount have received that careful attention which their importance demands.
The publishers desire to express their thanks to the many teachers whose suggestions and corrections are embodied in the present edition.  Especial mention is due Prof. M. W. Smith and Mr. A. P. Morgan for many valuable features of this revision.
In conclusion, the publishers wish reiterate that the object throughout has been to combine practical utility  with scientific accuracy;  to present a work embracing the best methods, with all real improvements.  How far this object has been secured is again submitted to those engaged in the laborious and responsible work of education.
   Cincinatti, August, 1887.

Some Important Notes:

The Ray's books never mention grade level - the grade levels listed are only suggestions.

The books are broken up into "articles". "Articles" in Ray's Arithmetic are the same as "Lessons" to us.  Students should move from article to article as they master the problems in that section. Generally, a section takes a day to do, however, some only take a few minutes and some have many problems to work. They are not of uniform difficulty.

Many of these books have the "complete list" of Ray's Arithmetic books in the front, as they wanted people to buy the entire set. You may notice two things: The lists are different in each book and the titles don't necessarily conform to what I have published. Don't worry about this. What you have on these CD-ROMs is the definitive and complete set of books. Often, they changed titles, published 2 books together with a different title, just plain made mistakes, and so on. Plus, the books did not all come out at the same time. The first ones were introduced in the 1850s, while Calculus didn't come along until the 1880s. They promised titles they never made, they changed titles after they were published, etc. Don't let this confuse you - just go with what I have listed on the site. I have looked into this in great detail. Most of you don't care about all this, but I thought I would explain it for the curious...

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Ray's Arithmetic is published by Entrewave.

I would love to hear about your challenges and successes with these books.

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