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Rays Arithmetic Curriculum
Ray's Arithmetic

A Complete Math Curriculum - America's standard math text for more than half a century - Over 120 million copies sold

  The complete Ray's Arithmetic series is now available, provided on CD in pdf format. 38 books including Answer Keys, Teachers Editions, and eleven other complimentary volumes are ready for service. 
  For only $59 this complete series will take your student from Primary Arithmetic to Ray's Differential and Integral Calculus and beyond....

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What do you get when you buy 20+ textbooks for the price of one?

The entire Ray's Arithmetic series, a unique math series with a focus on word problems and real world, applied mathematics.
► A rich history. From roughly 1865 to 1915 Ray's math series held total dominance in the United States, in that time total sales of the arithmetic books are estimated to be 120 million copies.
► Joseph Ray was a Christian, and since the United States at the time did not oppose Christianity in textbooks, the Ray's Arithmetic series has clear Christian values.


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